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Overview of shelves and merchandise display

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1. Sufficient light shall be ensured on the commodity display desk and commodity shelves in the business hall, which is very important to promoing the sale of commodities.

2. The design of the shelves shall ensure that there is an appropriate area and space when the goods are displayed on the shelves, so that the goods can be effectively arranged into a horizontal arrangement to show the differences of their varieties.

3. The particularity of the goods mainly reflected in whether they can pile up, hanging, vertical, horizontal, bulk, etc., some items are more sensitive to temperature, light, and need storage with cold glass frame, some precious commodity has special requirements to safety measures , some of goods available for direct contact for the customer,  design to provide customers with more convenience .

4. In addition to the functional requirements, the current store shelf design should be based on the modern sense of form, which is the main aspect of shaping the store image.

5. The color relation between commodity display and commodity, must consider usual color function.Such as brightly colored goods, the color of the shelves should be gray;if light color goods, shelf color should be dark;if dark goods, shelf color should be light.The collocation of shelf and commodity color is to have the foil effect that serves as background color.

6. In the same store ,shelves modeling should be basically uniform, the purpose is to create a neat, orderly environment and provide a good atmosphere for shopping.

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