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The importance of developing good supermarket shelves

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Now businessmen have a misunderstanding, as long as you can bring flow into the shop ,it seems to be a success, the cost and power  not to develop a good supermarket shelves, instead of opening a through train and false online shopping, to bring into flow, do not care about accurate degree of the flow, fans' loyalty, the actual store conversion, the early effect is good, can only just opened, later if there is no good supermarket shelves reputation as a support, would be quench a thirst with poison 

commerce professionals say that in the era of new retail, the three elements of "people, goods and market" are disintegrated and reconstructed, and consumers' consumption experience has become the first factor in consumption activities. Satisfactory consumption cannot be achieved without good supermarket shelves, which can be seen from the following dimensions:

Supermarket Shelf supply: The worst pain in the world is having an appetite for appetizer, but the chef tells you that the appetizer is gone, and so is the store.Nowadays, a fierce online battle, the cost of flow, let a person surprised.It is not easy to establish a little advantage in the early stage, if lost the supply of goods, basically that the early stage of investment is completely useless, there is a saying is very reasonable, safety inventory is guarantee for continuous production or continuous sales.

2. Supermarket shelf quality: when we open the products, we can find a problem that all hot style and high sales price are in stores with guaranteed quality. Shops and commodities with high bad rating and high return rate are likely to be eliminated by taobao, even if we bring more flow in the early stage.Therefore, businessmen must follow the direction of supermarket shelf quality development, effectively establish the awareness of quality brand, take out the quality supermarket shelves to win customers, win the market!


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