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  • Principles of product layout of supermarket shelve

    It is very important for supermarkets to choose the layout and structure of the goods on the shelves.Specific principles are as follows: 1. Goods area distribution of supermarket shelvesGeneral supermarket commodity area distribution is about: fruits and vegetables area 10-15%, meat category 15-20%,

  • Widely application of beam shelf and storage area design elements

    Beam shelf: the most widely used shelf, complete specifications and models, wide bearing range , suitable for all kinds of warehouses, can make full use of space, choose forklift to access goods.The beam and column are assembled by plug-in type, easy to install and discharge.It is equipped with safe

  • The collocation and introduction of heavy storage shelf and pallet shelf

    Heavy storage shelf: also known as beam shelf, or cargo space shelf, belongs to the pallet shelf category, It is the most common form of shelf in various domestic storage shelf system. Pallet racking: Pallet shelf is used to store unitization pallet cargoes and is equipped with roadway stacker and

  • Heavy storage shelf

    Adopts high quality cold-rolled steel plate rolled forming, columns can be as high as 6 m and no juncture, the beam selects the high quality square steel or welded steel, large bearing force, not easy to deformation, between beams and columns is hanged for cylindrical projection inserted, reliable c

  • How to distinguish good and bad shelf

    Core tips: how to identify the good or bad shelves is a very important link of the industry, an industry shelf directly affects the benefits of the industry, how to identify the good or bad shelves?The identification of heavy duty shelves can be considered from the following three aspects:1. Materia

  • Introduction of shelf material and performance index

    一.Material Description:The Adjustable plug - in modular shelf is mainly composed of vertical column, transverse brace, oblique brace, beam, fork and hanging Angle, layer plate, sole plate, fastening bolt, etc.1. Vertical frame sheet is composed of vertical column, transverse brace, diagonal brace, a

  • What benefits do warehouse shelves bring to modern industries?

    With the development of modern logistics, storage is the premise of the emergence and development of three-dimensional warehouse, which is in line with the development of industry and science and technology.Modern large-scale production has increasingly promoted the socialization, specialization and

  • Goods placement methods of the shelf

    Let's talk about how to arrange the goods on the shelves:According to the psychological research results, the vertical vision of people is wider than the horizontal vision, the up and down vertical movement of the sight is more convenient than the horizontal movement. The traditional horizontal disp

  • Cantilever shelf materials

    Cantilever shelf column adopts two C section steel which are butt welded together.C steel is made of Q235 high quality strip steel and rolled into C steel through the rolling mill line. Cantilever rack column adopts two C section steel butt welding together.C section steel is made of Q235 high quali

  • Cantilever shelf structure

    Structure:Cantilever shelf: special profile column with high strength cantilever, suitable for storage of long materials, ring materials, plates and irregular materials, etc.The forward cantilevers can be single-sided or double-sided, and have the characteristics of light structure and good load cap

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