Analysis of the difference between supermarket shelf and warehouse shelf

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Nowadays, there is a growing demand for shelves. In supermarkets, shelves are needed for goods, in clothing stores for clothes, and in pharmacies for medicines, not to mention logistics companies for goods storage, which also need shelves for goods display.

However, due to the variety of shelves, its characteristics and functions are also different, take the supermarket shelf and warehouse shelf for comparison, people can understand the difference between them.

Now it has become a trend for supermarkets to replace traditional grocery stores and department stores. Supermarkets have become a new shopping choice for people. Now, supporting supermarkets will be built around large residential areas to facilitate residents' shopping.The popularity of supermarkets, of course, also makes the application of supermarket shelves is very common.

Warehouse shelves are mainly used for storage of goods, supermarket shelves have the effect of storage, but at the same time it also has a very critical role, that is displaying goods, therefore, in order to facilitate consumer choosing and buy goods, the appearance of supermarket shelves, height, weight, etc are all have certain requirements, such as the height of the supermarket shelves, generally designed according to the height of the human body , to facilitate the consumers getting goods, the height of the supermarket shelves should be controlled within three meters,so that avoid consumers cannot get the goods because of height .

In the supermarket,shelf is a system, not only main equipment shelves,supermarket fresh shelves, and other forms of similar devices, such as various kinds of container, like fish aquarium, and handling equipment used to transport goods, cart,  cashier system, etc., these devices together constitute the modern supermarket shelves system, service for the daily operation of supermarket.

In contrast, the warehouse shelves are known as storage shelves, its main function is to store the goods, commonly used in the industrial enterprise warehouse, in order to make the storage capacity become bigger,  make all space use up better, so this kind of shelves are generally scaling up, not as short as supermarket shelves.

These shelves not only make better use of space, but also greatly improve the storage function.Storage shelves are generally three-dimensional structure, it can make better use of the space, so that the utilization rate is higher, and improve the storage capacity.

Because the warehouse is relatively large, shelves are also very large, so it is very convenient to extract and store the goods, can be better for the flow of goods.After the goods are stored on the storage shelf, they can be counted and calculated very clearly, which makes it more convenient to manage.

Use modern handling equipment, even no matter how much the goods are, it also can use the storage shelf to store and manage.Goods stored in storage shelves generally do not suffer from extrusion problems, which can reduce losses and improve storage efficiency.