Automated storage shelves are developing rapidly

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With the manufacturing industry pays great attention to the modern logistics automation, mechanization , the construction pace of automatic three-dimensional storage shelves in China is gradually accelerated , many companies gradually began to transform enterprise logistics center, construct advanced, automative three-dimensional storage shelves, promote enterprise logistics technology  equipment , also greatly promote the development of the enterprise.

In 2012, the construction of automatic three-dimensional storage shelves of China auto industry, home appliance industry, food industry, tobacco industry, pharmaceutical industry are relatively strong demand, many large national automatic three-dimensional shelves have been established.The exuberant market demand also brings the rare development opportunity to the famous logistics technology equipment integration companies at home and abroad.The largest logistics technology  equipment integrators in the world, such as Siemens and Daifuku, are competing with the most famous enterprises in China, such as Kunshan, Jingxing, Beiqi Institute and Taiyuan Corundum, etc., with their respective strengths, they have achieved considerable development.

In the construction of automatic three-dimensional shelf storage, not tens of millions of large investment, there are also a lot of enterprises according to local conditions, combined with the needs of enterprises,  construct a lot of small automatic three-dimensional shelf storage.This is also a feature of the future development of the market.

In addition, in the manufacturing industry, logistics robot system, automatic steering vehicle system, automatic three-dimensional shelf system and other logistics automation equipment industry develops very fast.