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Cantilever shelf materials

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Cantilever shelf column adopts two C section steel which are butt welded together.C steel is made of Q235 high quality strip steel and rolled into C steel through the rolling mill line. Cantilever rack column adopts two C section steel butt welding together.C section steel is made of Q235 high quality strip steel and rolled into C section steel through the mill line. Then the cantilever connecting hole is rushed out by the automatic punch, with the hole spacing of 140mm.If H beam connection is adopted, a connecting steel plate will be welded under the column.If the connection method with special profile is adopted, the bolt connection hole will be opened at the connection part below the column.

Cantilever shelves are generally made of two materials:

1. Use square pipe : According to the corresponding cantilever loading requirements, the square pipe conforming to the layer loading requirements shoule be selected first and cut into the required size. The anti-skid guard plate is welded at one end and the U-shaped column connector is welded at the other end.

2. use C section steel : According to the corresponding cantilever layer load requirements, first select the specification of C section steel, then butt weld two C section steel , finally weld anti-slip protective plate at one end, weld connection u-shaped column at the other end.

A connecting rod is used between column and the column of  the cantilever rack , and the connecting rod is usually made of rectangular control.In order to increase safety and stability,Add flat iron back-pull on the connecting rod, special puller can fix the column tightly.

All cantilever shelf components are semi-finished products ,then the final process will be sprayed with plastic, will be sprayed by the last process.Before spraying, shot blasting machine is used to remove oil and rust .After the completion of packaging ,then delivery.