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Cantilever shelf structure

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Cantilever shelf: special profile column with high strength cantilever, suitable for storage of long materials, ring materials, plates and irregular materials, etc.The forward cantilevers can be single-sided or double-sided, and have the characteristics of light structure and good load capacity, with a single arm bearing up to 500kg.Specially reinforced column structure can withstand 2000~3000kg pressure.Design back-pull to increase the overall stability of the shelf, with high strength cantilever (arms can be single side or double side) easy installation, complete accessories.Combined structure, special profile column, design backpull to increase stability, with high strength cantilever (arm can be single or double), it is of  light structure, good load capacity, high space utilization rate;After adding board in the shelf, it is especially suitable for small space, low height warehouse, convenient management and wide vision, compared with the pallet shelf, it has higher utilization rate;According to the carrying capacity,it  can be divided into light cantilever rack, medium cantilever rack, heavy cantilever rack ;Suitable for long material, sheet material, ring type material and irregular cargo storage.


Production procss of cantilever shelf:

The base of cantilever shelf can be made of H-beam or special profile.When select H beam, choose national standard steel according to the bearing requirements correspondly.Open the column bolt connection holes on the H-beam for easy connection with the column.The bottom shall be welded to  bottom plate, and the bottom plate shall have expansion bolt holes to facilitate the connection between the shelf and the floor with expansion bolts .To fix shelves.

Cantilever shelf adopts special profile as the base, two C steel are welded with connection steel plate back to back , the width of the connection steel plate is the width of the column.After the two C steel pieces are welded, the connecting bolt holes shall be opened at the connecting column position to facilitate the connection with the column.Weld the bottom plate to facilitate the connection of the expansion bolt to the ground.