Drugstore shelf display standards

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Drugstore shelf display

1.Display according to symptoms

Drugstore shelf display: Similar drugs should be displayed together

2.Display according to relevant products

Pharmacy shelf display scheme: related drugs should be displayed together, because it is easy to attract the attention of consumers, stimulate their needs, and increase consumption;Remind the shop assistant to recommend complementary drugs, improve sales.

3.Display according to brand

What is the basis for the shelf display of two-sided drugstores in cosmeceuticals?In order to display well,  understand customers' buying habits, and make display plans according to their buying habits.Therefore, in the process of drugstore operation, it is necessary to summarize the purchasing habits of customers so as to optimize the display of drug shelves.So what are customers' buying habits?Generally speaking, it can be summarized as follows: 1. Buy medicine according to the symptoms, such as stomachache; 2. Depending on the relevant drugs, such as the customer's throat inflammation, lozenges may also be required;3. Buy drugs according to the brand, and customers directly name a certain brand of drugs.This is the most common customer buying habit, and we can display different medicines according to these habits.

Drugstore shelf display scheme: The most frequently sold brands should have the best display, because it is easier for consumers to see. The brand with high sales volume can improve the image of the drugstore and win consumers' confidence in the drugstore.These three ways of display need to be combined with each other. In the final analysis, the display of drugstore shelves is to increase sales and improve customers' consumption experience. Since customers feel the professionalism of drugstore personnel, they can also have better experience of the normality, convenience and service of drugstores.