Goods placement methods of the shelf

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Let's talk about how to arrange the goods on the shelves:

According to the psychological research results, the vertical vision of people is wider than the horizontal vision, the up and down vertical movement of the sight is more convenient than the horizontal movement. The traditional horizontal display method should be changed into the vertical display method in commodity display, so that the display art can generate the sales of art.The goods should be displayed on the shelves where the customers are easy to pick up the goods, and try to have a good display place so that the customers can get the goods from different positions and directions. The proportion of the three kinds of customers received by different stores is not the same.For example, pharmacies cater to many purposeful shoppers, and the interior layout should be functional first.Customers choose to buy within a certain range of industries such as stationery stores, food stores, etc.Design should pay attention to order .Compare the industries you choose to buy, such as fashion stores, jewelry stores, toy stores.The design should make the environment attractive.Ensure that more than 80% of the goods are on the shelves, so that customers can choose;Avoid mixing different types of goods.The internal layout of the business hall is also very particular, first of all, make division design according to the category of the goods to make the entire floor of the goods even distribution, so that avoid the east crowded west thin or south light north heavy.When decorate  food-oriented supermarkets,in general, necessary food for daily life is arranged in the population area to attract customers and facilitate procurement. At the exit, some goods such as chewing gum, cigarettes and magazines are often arranged for customers to choose when queuing for payment.Non-food supermarkets highlight the main commodities.Consumer attention can be divided into two types: intentional attention and unintentional attention.The unintentional attention of consumers refers to the consumers don't have a clear goal or purpose and generate involuntary attention to certain goods due to the influence of external stimuli.This attention don't need the effort of human will, has great significance to stimulate consumer buying behavior.Shelves are essential in supermarkets and modern warehouses.Supermarkets make full use of the shelves, on the one hand, can improve the image of the supermarket, on the other hand, can expand the limited space, increase sales;Storeage shelves not only improve storage capacity , but also play another important role  of increasing the flow efficiency of goods.With the fierce competition of supermarkets and the rapid development of modern industry, it is extremely important to use shelves to improve the layout of supermarkets and improve the efficiency of warehouse management.