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High shelf regulation

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In order to ensure the safety of people, goods and equipment in the high shelf area, this  regulation is formulated.

.In the high shelf only use 1200 mm standard tray, each height (even the height of the tray included) not more than 900 mm,  weight not more than 500(top level weight not more than 200).1. Non-standard wooden pallet shall not be used on the shelf.2. Ultra-high and ultra-wide are prohibited.The height and width of shelves have been limited, the size of pallets and goods should be slightly less than 100mm  net space

The above.3. Overload is prohibited.The weight of each unit shelf deposit should not exceed the maximum bearing (1700) of shelf design.

The principle of stacking should be that the upper layer should store the light goods and the bottom layer should store the heavy goods.4. Do not use damaged wooden pedestals on the shelves.5. It is forbidden to pile up sporadic bulk goods without complete packing on the second floor shelf. 

.Only The R14 forklift  can be operated in the high level shelf.1. Forklifts of other types are not allowed to operate inside.2, R14

Forklift drivers must also pass the special on-site assessment of warehouse management personnel in addition to having two licenses.3, forklift operation is not allowed to hit the shelf beam.During the operation of the forklift, it should be handled and put down as slowly as possible.4. It is prohibited to have heavy head, light foot and tilt when forklift is operating.The goods should be in good order .5. Pay close attention to the conditions of up, down, left and right, front and rear when driving forklift.Be careful and consistent in operation, and avoid unnecessary accidents caused by carelessness.

.Only R14 Linde forklift drivers and shelf managers are allowed to enter the high shelf.1. Those who enter the high shelf must wear hard hats.Non - regulated personnel are not allowed to enter the high shelf area.Any other work in the high shelf area is strictly prohibited.If there is any violation, the shelf manager and other operators will bear the same responsibility for safety.2. High-level shelf managers shall be responsible for the guidance and management of anyone who enters the shelf area with special needs.3. When there are goods above the shelf, no one is allowed to directly enter the bottom of the shelf.4, if the shelf management personnel find the shelf beam and column damage, should report to the department in time.5. For those who enter the shelf area without listening to dissuasion and cause accidents, the individual will bear all the responsibilities.