How does the supermarket shelf factory control product quality (I)?

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Quality products of supermarket shelf factories , which are manufactured, managed and controlled, not tested.

The quality control of supermarket shelf factory is a headache for every enterprise. If the quality can be guaranteed, it can save a lot for the factory. However, lean quality control is a systematic project.The following are several methods for supermarket shelf factory to control product quality:

1 supermarket shelf factory  do not easily determine the process, and the determined process do not easily change

If quality problems arise,  the root cause, main factors or main manifestations of the problems should be found.Easily changing the process without figuring out the problem actually covers the real cause and problem.

2. Supermarket shelf factory production process control should have a strong awareness of quantification and trace-ability

Quality depends on many factors. Don't overlook any details;Use data to control and record any details as much as possible;Failure to control and trace the details of the process will mislead the formulation of corrective and preventive measures.

3 supermarket shelf factory must be patient to solve problems

Can't impetuous, hope to eat a fat one breath;Don't ignore unusual situations because they don't seem to have anything to do with solving them.Pls act when you can't find out the reasons and rules. You can control and standardize the influencing factors analyzed.Review and review some experiences and rules of previous experiments and summaries;Once you find some experience and some rules, then go deeper and turn it into a theory. Even the extra waste is worth the cost.To know that "a thousand miles of dike destroyed in the nest", but also to know that "The foolish old man who removed mountains".