How does the supermarket shelf factory control the product quality (ii)?

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4. Supermarket shelf factories should build preventive thinking

The highest level of quality management is prevention, not how to save a problem;Any quality problem must be preceded by symptoms, depending on whether you have methods, means and experience to monitor and identify;When the same quality problem appears for the second time, great attention should be paid to it.The daily process and result data should be sorted out with certain tools, and rules and change trends should be found from the sorted results. These rules and displayed trends need to be constantly revised.Each control element should be as consistent as possible before processing the product.

5. Supermarket shelf factory quality control must have management thinking

Do not want to rely directly on the technologist to achieve the stability of product quality;Product quality is manufactured, without direct manufacturer management, quality can never be stable;Therefore, it is necessary to observe, pay attention to and study the performance and state of the direct manufacturer of the product, and to manage and transfer these performance and state;If the performance and status of the direct manufacturer of the product is not controlled, you will always analyze the cause of the inaccuracy once there is a quality problem.Don't think that the process control requirements stipulated in our current process discipline are in line with the product quality is absolutely no problem;So our process control needs to be constantly improved, and at the same time we need to manage people well.

6.Supermarket shelf factories should listen to more opinions and Suggestions

Don't think that if someone doesn't know the facts and can't solve the problem all at once, opinions are worthless.But they can give us a lot of hints and reminders, especially from direct producers;If you can solve the problem, don't listen to anyone.But when it is not ok, suggest that anyone's opinions and Suggestions should listen to, should try and experiment, no matter you like it or not;Quality management thinking often touches the cutting edge of technology, and even a casual remark or complaint can point or hint at a major technological innovation.

7. Supermarket shelf factory technology should pay attention to details and be good at capturing details

Leslite MES Manufacturing Executive System (I2025) is an effective tool to use information technology to achieve lean manufacturing process management, improve factory efficiency and quality control. According to the characteristics of the industry and the market position of supermarket shelves, it can achieve:

Statistic and trace the quality data of the whole life cycle of products, analyze the statistical data, master the quality rule of parts and products;To foresee and prevent potential quality problems;Real-time status and balanced production scheduling of internal and external resource capacity;Reduce rework to provide the basis for reasonable and continuous improvement of design and service upgrade.

Statistics of direct benefits: improve the on-time completion rate of products by 10-20%, improve product quality by 20%, and realize lean quality control and traceability management of the whole life cycle of products.