How does the supermarket wooden shelf help you improve turnover rate?

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How does the supermarket wooden shelf help you improve turnover rate

From the traditional supermarket to the popular boutique supermarket, most stores display are at the stage of "arranging the goods well" or "collocation is reasonable", but do not know how to increase the "charm" of the store and the goods themselves, and "attract" the customers' active consumption.The highest level of display is to make the store image, sales behavior and product display -- the three factors of "shop, people and things" constitute the overall atmosphere of the shop .So as to stimulate customers' desire for shopping.

The special attractive and unique door and window, bright and unobstructed environment, eye-catching pile head and arrangement, crowded head, all of these create a visual atmosphere, which can make passersby stop and look askance, come in for a look -- to improve the rate of entry.The advantages of convenience and centralized display of comparative categories are to focus and enrich the varieties locally, so that customers can have a sense of "professionalism" in purchasing and a sense of "richness" in goods.

How does supermarket wooden shelves help you improve your conversion rate, easy to "compare " at the same time, customers for goods without "comparison", they always determine with "hesitation" and choose with"regret", only through their own continued comparison judgment, to give them "well, this is the best" buy determination, improve conversion rates.