How to arrange the space between supermarket wooden shelf

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Interval between supermarket wooden shelves shall ensure that the passenger flow is smooth, Put wooden shelf  facing the door of supermarkets beside the wall is not a problem, large grocery stores, department stores, clothing stores, etc., based on business planning of human traffic, the volume of operating varieties to measure the reasonable interval, Generally,main channel should be between 1.6 ~ 4.5 meters, sub-channel also shall not be less than 1.2-2 meters.

Supermarket wood shelf is for displaying of the product, do not choose excitant color commonly, avoid a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role.But the color relation between product display and product should consider general color effect.If it is bright-coloured product, the supermarket wooden shelf color should be  the gray;if light color products, the supermarket wooden shelves color should be deep;if dark products, the color of the supermarket wooden shelves should be light.The blending of supermarket wooden shelves and product color is to play as the background color of the contrast effect.

Products special  first  embodies in whether be able to accumulation, hanging, vertical, horizontal, bulk and so on, some products are more sensitive to temperature, light,  they should use glass cold storage frame, some valuable products have safety measures and special requirements to supermarket wooden shelves , some products for customer direct touch , In the design to provide enough convenience for customers.

Wooden shelves for traditional Chinese medicine chemists, antique supermarkets, platform supermarkets in bookstores, box supermarkets in fruit stores and suspender supermarkets in clothing stores are designed according to the characteristics of their respective operating varieties.