How to design the flow chart of supermarket shelves?

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A supermarket shelf flowchart is a graphical representation of the flow of information through a system.

To put it bluntly, it means to do something first and then do something afterwards. In fact, it is the combination of "start, end, action, state and judgment".Supermarket shelf flow chart includes business flow and operation flow.

Business flow chart of supermarket shelves

Business flow chart describes the business relationship and operation sequence of various roles in the system, including the operation in various roles of the supermarket shelf. It describes the business trend and business process of the whole system, centering on the business processing process.Supermarket shelf business flow chart describes the complete business process, with the business processing process as the center and generally no concept of data.

Supermarket shelf operation process

The user operation process of the supermarket shelf function , only  design the simplest  and the most normal process.

Set the role → Run through the process → use "if...Not......"Exhaust judgment and consider the judgment logic behind supermarket shelves.

For supermarket shelf operation flow chart, the key is to simulate user scenario, so three scenarios need to be considered

When users will use this feature;(How to Start)

What users want to have when they use this feature;(How to process)

What do users want when they end this feature?(How to end)

Operational flowcharts are more focused on a specific task or goal and pay attention to detail.Operation flow chart is written from the operation angle of a user.