How to develop advanced supermarket shelf manufacturing?

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 Haraguchi's calculations show that the proportion of people employed in traditional manufacturing has risen steadily over the past 50 years.Looking ahead, Haraguchi speculates that with the successful industrial transformation and upgrading in the most populous countries, such as  (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), there is more room for low - and middle-income countries to develop labor-intensive industries.In this context, manufacturing is likely to become increasingly important for low - and middle-income countries.Do not abandon manufacturing and the path to economic growth through industrialization, he advised developing countries to follow the experience of other countries in rapid industrialization in recent years.Traditional supermarket shelf manufacturing technology has become a weak link in the development of China's manufacturing industry, we should attach great importance to the development of advanced supermarket shelf manufacturing technology.

Advanced manufacturing industry is an important way to transform and upgrade the supermarket shelf manufacturing industry in China. It will become the leading force for China to participate in the international competition.If we use three words to describe the importance and urgency of developing advanced supermarket shelf manufacturing in Our country: imperative, urgent, far-reaching influence.China's advanced supermarket shelf manufacturing industry has a certain foundation, but compared with the advanced level of the United States and other countries ,there is a large gap.If the strategy is correct, the measures are powerful, and the collaborative innovation is realized, after ten or twenty years of efforts, the advanced supermarket shelf manufacturing industry in China will have a great development and lead in some fields.The advanced supermarket shelf manufacturing industry will become a powerful tool to lead the manufacturing industry in China from big to strong.Liu Baicheng, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said advanced supermarket shelf manufacturing technology is a basic technology for manufacturing and strategic emerging industries and is crucial to economic and national security development.