How to distinguish good and bad shelf

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Core tips: how to identify the good or bad shelves is a very important link of the industry, an industry shelf directly affects the benefits of the industry, how to identify the good or bad shelves?

The identification of heavy duty shelves can be considered from the following three aspects:

1. Material of shelf: The material of shelf in China should be SS400 steel from Baogang original factory and Shanghai Steel No.1 Factory.It seems that there is not a set of strict and complete shelf industry standard in China, and there are only a few manufacture that can meet the European FEM shelf standard.

2. Shelf structure: shelf column to see whether the section bending is eough and uniform, the higher uniformity ,the symmetrical structure is better.The beam of shelf depends on the structure of the hook and  the form of beam vertical column: the hook of cross beam should be more, the more ,the force is better;The hook of beam hangs on the column, and check whether the contact of hook and column is close , the inside of hook should be close with column flank ,without gap the structure ability is stable and bear force is good.

3. Surface treatment of the shelf: the surface spraying treatment of the shelf should be uniform and have strong adhesion. Whether the surface spraying of the shelf is uniform depends on whether there is any omission at the inside edge of the shelf column hole.It is good that there is no omission. You can tap it with a hard object during inspection. If it falls off easily, it means the shelf is easy to rust.

4. Welding process: This is the best one to identify.