How to do anti-corrosion treatment on solid wood supermarket shelf ?

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Supermarket shelf before leaving factory, already passed moisture-proof and anticorrosion treatment, even the raw material, also pass drying and moisture-proof treatment process. The Supermarket shelf of solid wood  should undertake cleanness and maintenance like furniture of solid wood, clean surface dirt with special solid wood cleaner and protective wax, or stick special bibulous film to solid wood surface layer to undertake moisture-proof .


We all know that the best moisture-proof method is to give furniture more sunlight, but because the supermarket shelf is too heavy and bulky, it is not easy to move, we can only put the solid wood supermarket shelf in a dry and ventilated place, or put desiccant in the shelf for moisture-proof treatment.When install the supermarket shelf ,put a tile  under  every foot, in order to have  moisture-proof effect.


Consumers should also pay attention to choose good quality solid wood materials when they buy solid wood cabinet,Select a solid wood material that has been dried and baked. Most solid wood furniture now is spray paint processing, so we must be careful to choose when buy,  paint with surface bubble is very easy to depainting, depainting seriously not only affects beauty, and also goes against the maintenance of furniture.Some high-grade solid wood does not need to go through dry treatment as it has waterproofing property itself, so the anti-corrosion treatment of solid wood furniture supermarket shelf depends on the solid wood material of display cabinet  besides the maintenance in daily life .