How to improve the value of supermarket shelves?

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To improve the shelf value of supermarkets is not only the requirement of users but also the goal of enterprises.However, enterprises should not simply pursue the improvement of functions, less able one-sided reduction of costs, but in the design of supermarket shelves and the improvement of supermarket shelves design, use the way to improve value, explore all the methods to improve value, in order to meet the actual needs of users, and improve the technical and economic benefits of enterprises.

The value of supermarket shelves can be improved from the following aspects:

1. Improve the shelf function and value of supermarket shelves.

If the function of supermarket shelves is improved and the cost is reduced, the value of supermarket shelves is expected to be greatly improved.The rapid development and application of new technology can make a great breakthrough in the structure or method of supermarket shelves achieving a certain function , which not only helps to improve the function of supermarket shelves, but also can reduce the cost of supermarket shelves at the same time, so as to greatly improve the value.

2. The cost remains unchanged and the function is increased ,improve the value of supermarket shelves

Raise the value.Due to the increasing demands of people, those formal old and boring design of supermarket shelves are not welcomed. If they are properly redesigned, their styles and colors can adapt to the changes of the times without increasing the cost, and their functions can be improved to improve the value of supermarket shelves

3. Functions remain unchanged, costs are reduced, and the value of supermarket shelves is improved.

The emergence of new materials and new processes can completely meet the functional requirements of the original supermarket shelves, and reduce the cost;It is not as good as the excess life of some parts in the supermarket shelf, but maintaining the overall life of the supermarket shelf and appropriately reducing the life of parts (the overall function remains unchanged) can reduce the cost of the supermarket shelf and increase the value.

4. The cost is slightly increased, the function is improved, and the value of supermarket shelves is improved.

Supermarket shelves develop from single function to multi-function  although the cost has increased, but the function has multiplied, and greatly improve the value.

5. Slightly reduce functions, reduce costs and improve the value of supermarket shelves.

Some supermarket shelves reduce the function appropriately, but still can meet the needs of some users,  because the technical conditions to achieve the level of function (raw materials and technology, etc.) is relatively mature, so that the cost is greatly reduced, so that the value of supermarket shelves increased.