How to refine the selling points of supermarket shelves?

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                                                                                    How to refine the selling points of supermarket shelves?

1. Functional extraction of supermarket shelves

The functions of supermarket shelves of different manufacturers are mostly the same but a little different. Therefore, we mainly focus on this "different" character in refining the functional selling points to make our own functional selling points unique.However, but if the supermarket shelf series as the attack or interference of competitors, the emphasis is on seeking the same among the different, focusing on the word "same", so that the refined functional selling points can interfere in the terminal.In addition, the price difference of different series of supermarket shelves can  sometimes be explained from the different functions of supermarket shelves.

2. New technology extraction on supermarket shelves

Once the new technology of supermarket shelves is developed successfully, its high technology , especially the core technology, will not be replaced or surpassed in the short term. It is related to the development and profit of enterprises and has higher economic and social benefits than ordinary ones.The advantages of these new supermarket shelf technologies are competitive and have a broad market prospect.