How will the goods on the supermarket shelves be placed

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How to put the goods on the shelves of the supermarket so as to reach the best sales volume , it is many businessmen that need to consider the problem, the effect of randomly placed goods and that of planned goods is completely different.Many stores will make full use of supermarket shelves to display their goods, and the sales of goods will be very good.In fact, the arrangement of goods has a rule to follow.

How to attract more customers, how to obtain greater profits, in fact, shelves placement should abide by the shopping habits of customers, such as customers will focus more on the left side of the object, on the left side can be placed some items which attract the attention of the customer, also upward the goods, so that when customers look for goods again, they can also be attracted by other items at the same time.

Make full use of the golden section, but for new store sellers, how to attract customers with details?The position of goods in placement is changed from the upper, middle and lower positions. On the upper level, we can place some recommended goods, and on the lower level, we can put some goods with low profit or some delayed date.Supermarket managers can put the best products in the places of divergence, give customers a divergence effect, to maximize the ability to attract customers' expectations.

Products of the same series should be placed vertically on the shelves , giving a visual sense of vertical height for easy access.The operator of the supermarket also should pay attention to changing the position of goods when putting goods, give consumer a kind of fresh feeling, let consumers want to see what new goods there are, by attracting consumer to raise sales volume.