Precautions for the actual use of supermarket shelves

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To make full use of the supermarket shelf function, not only to bring benefits to the supermarket, but also to make the space more reasonable.Details determine success or failure. When using and caring for supermarket shelves, mainly according to the following three points:

1. In the use of supermarket shelves, cleanliness is essential.Only neat and clean supermarket shelves can attract consumers.At the same time, the users of the supermarket shelves should also check the supermarket shelves regularly to ensure the normal use of the supermarket shelves.

2. In general, the average vision of human beings ranges from 110 degrees to 120 degrees, and the visual width ranges from 1.5m to 2m. The visual Angle of walking in the store is 60 degrees, and the visual range is 1m.Therefore, merchants should combine the visual habits of consumers, ensure the display of products when using supermarket shelves, and improve the purchase probability.

3. There are five shelves in the supermarket shelves. The third, fourth and fifth shelves from top to bottom are the highest selling shelves. In particular, the third layer and consumer line of sight is basically parallel, within reach of it, the most convenient for consumers to choose, but also the largest sales volume.

Reasonable use and care of supermarket shelves, not only can prolong the life of supermarket shelves, but also can bring more benefits, make the space more reasonable .