Principles of product layout of supermarket shelve

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It is very important for supermarkets to choose the layout and structure of the goods on the shelves.Specific principles are as follows:


1. Goods area distribution of supermarket shelves

General supermarket commodity area distribution is about: fruits and vegetables area 10-15%, meat category 15-20%, daily distribution 15%, general food 10%, candy and biscuits 10%, north and south dry goods 15%, daily goods 15%, other supplies 10%.This area proportion cannot be generalized, the distribution proportion of different region will be different, this needs the supermarket to decide according to his business circle, the positioning of the supermarket and the commodity structure of the competitor .


2. Goods positioning of supermarket shelves

The position of supermarket shelves determines the purchasing movement line of customers. Only reasonable arrangement of the distribution of supermarket shelves can extend the purchasing time of customers to a large extent from the action route after entering the store according to the order of purchase. This requires reasonable distribution of shelf positions according to the needs of different goods.

When customers enter the supermarket, the general shopping order is as follows: fruits and vegetables -- meat and aquatic products -- food -- seasoning -- snacks and biscuits -- beverages and fast food -- bread and milk -- daily groceries.Therefore, according to this shopping order, we can arrange different goods in different areas:

Such as meat, fruits and vegetables, bread, etc., these customer purchase intention is strong, so generally arrange at the internal wall of the supermarket,deeper in the supermarket, when customers buy the goods, they will first  purchase other goods or impulsive spending, random purchasiong goods, and then to go deep into these areas, after the completion of the purchase , check out near the checkout counter.

Puffed food and beverage products are generally located in the center of the supermarket,due to the longer life of the goods and customers' consumption high expectations .The products are displayed on the floor shelves,food and snack products and beverage products are displayed on adjacent supermarket shelves as related items.


These two principles are the basic principles of supermarket goods configuration and shelf arrangement, specific to each sketch class need to be identified in a form on supermarket shelves , so as to form the whole supermarket layout, this figure will be  supermarket goods shelves display standards lately, in strict accordance with the standard to make the visual display of the goods, to ensure sufficient goods and normal operation.