Principles of shelf placement in supermarkets

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Principles of shelf placement in supermarkets

1.Due to the large variety of goods and the large passenger flow, the layout of goods and the display of shelves are regular.All commodity display is no more than the word "easy", supermarket staff should place large volume , brand awareness and promotional goods in a prominent position and  shelves which are easy to reach .

2. In order to attract some consumers who come to the supermarket and don't know what to buy, the supermarket staff should consciously set the relevant commodity cabinets, such as women's supply cabinets, children's supply cabinets and children's toy cabinets ,give hints to consumers, attract consumers' attention and induce them to buy.

3. In space allocation, the design of the supermarket should be based on the principle of increasing customer flow as far as possible. The two areas that can attract customers should be separated as far as possible, and the other areas should be arranged between the two areas, for example, the traditional bread products should be placed between the fresh food area and the fast-consumption food such as milk.

4. Adjust the placement of shelves at appropriate intervals.From the customer's point of view, the goods are placed relatively fixed, which can reduce the time of searching for goods when  come to the supermarket again.However, from the perspective of shopping malls, long-term fixed shelves are easy to lose customers' attention to other items and genenrate a stale and inflexible feeling.As a result, after the goods are placed for a period of time, the shelves are adjusted so that customers will be attracted by other items when they are looking for the required items again, and at the same time, they will have a refreshing feeling towards the changes of the shopping mall.However, the changes of supermarket shelves should not be too frequent, otherwise customers will be disgusted with the lack of scientific management of the mall, chaos, produce the psychology of irritability.So  choose to change once a year.