Supermarket shelf placement skills

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Going to the supermarket is an indispensable thing in our daily life.However, the display of goods in large supermarkets are learned, for the purpose of allowing customers to "choose" according to the intention of the seller.By comparing several supermarkets and listening to the supermarket staff explain the display and layout intention of the supermarket shelves, we can see how the businesses guide the consumption.

Due to the large variety of goods, customer flow is large, goods placement and shelf display are regular.All merchandises are displayed with the word "easy", and merchants place high-volume, brand-name and promotional items in prominent places and on shelves ,which are easily accessible to customers.

In  space allocation, in line with the principle of increasing customer flow as far as possible, the design of the merchant should separates the two areas as far as possible that can attract customers , and arranges the other areas between the two areas.

Reduces time spent searching for merchandise.However, from the perspective of shopping malls, long-term fixed shelves are easy to lose customers' attention to other items and give rise to a stale and inflexible feeling.

As a result, after the goods are placed for a period of time, the shelves are adjusted so that customers will be attracted by other items when they are looking for the required items again, and at the same time, they will have a refreshing feeling towards the changes of the shopping mall.

However, this kind of shelf placement can't changes too frequently, otherwise it  will cause customers' disgust, thinking that the mall lacks in scientific management, chaos, and generate the psychology of irritability.

The goods in a supermarket are generally sold at retail.Display at least 3 varieties in each shelf (popular products can be displayed in less than 3 varieties). Display quantity of 11 to 12 varieties per square meter.

At present, the commonly used display shelf is 165-250cm high and 90-200cm long. The best display section of this shelf is the section between the upper and middle section, which is called the golden line of display.Take the shelf with a height of 165 cm as an example. The height of the gold display line is generally between 85-120 cm. It is the second and third layer of the shelf, and the display position is the easiest for the eyes to see and the hands to get the goods.This location is generally used to display high-margin goods, own-brand goods, exclusive agency or distribution goods.