Supermarket shelves main materials

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Supermarket shelves are divided into the following categories in terms of materials:


1. Steel shelves: This is the type with the largest sales volume in the market at present. From storage to supermarket, metal shelves have the largest sales volume, which should be attributed to the low price of raw materials of steel, excellent mechanical properties and good processing performance;

2. Wooden shelves: mostly used for household storage or display in supermarkets;

3. Aluminum shelves: most of them are used in supermarkets with limited carrying capacity due to their portability and aesthetics;

4. Alloy shelf: it is an improved version of aluminum shelf, which improves the carrying capacity, but also increases the cost;

5. Paper shelves: Its usually disposable products, used in many supermarkets;

6. Plastic shelves: They are usually small in size and are used for display or storage of commonly used items.