Supermarket wooden shelves,drinks display skills

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(1) Display principles:

The goal of commodity display is to occupy more display space and increase the display quantity on shelves as much as possible.Customers will only buy your products if they take up more display space. 

(2) The principle of vertical centralized display

Because people's visual habit is first up and down, then left and right.Vertical centralized display, in line with people's customary line of sight, so that make the display of goods more hierarchical and more imposing.All specifications and varieties of the company's products display intensively.The same package shall be displayed in parallel or vertically.

(3) The principle of emphasizing the bottom over the top

Heavy and large goods are placed below, while small and light goods are placed above, so that consumers can take them easily, which also conforms to people's customary aesthetic standards.

(4) Display of all items

 The whole product items of a company can be displayed on a wooden shelf in a supermarket as much as possible, which can not only meet the needs of different consumers, increase sales, but also improve the company's image and increase the influence of products.

(5) Full display principle

Fill the display shelves with your goods.This can not only increase the full and visibility of the goods display, but also prevent the display position from being crowded by competing products.

(6) Dynamic display principle

On the basis of full display, several products displayed on the outer shelf should be intentionally removed, which is not only conducive to consumers' access, but also can show the good sales status of the products. 

7Strong emphasize principle

When displaying a range of products on a shelf, be sure to highlight the location of the main product so that customers can see it at a glance.Specific to what product as the focus, according to different markets or different oversold specific circumstances.

8Principle of unity

For all products displayed on the shelves, the Chinese trademarks must face the consumers in a unified way, so as to achieve a neat and eye-catching display effect. The overall display style and keynote of the goods should be unified.