The application of supermarket shelves

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When we use the supermarket shelves,we only pay attention to the quality and beauty, but very few people will mention how to decorate, how to arrange the supermarket shelves to make it beautiful.Now, in terms of how supermarket shelves are arranged, let's look at the factors that we need to consider in setting up shelves:

The first step is to determine the style of the shelf itself, especially the height and width.The height of supermarket shelves should be designed according to the specific situation and the needs of people's activities. The height of supermarket shelves should be adapted to the height of human body in order to facilitate customers' shopping.After the height of the supermarket shelves is determined, the length of the supermarket shelves can be determined according to the specific situation of the space and the selected mode of transportation.We can also use the golden section of the law, that is, the length and width by 1:0.618 proportion, resulting in a rational beauty.The horizontal display of supermarket shelves is also crucial, and can be done in a variety of ways, including queue, island and radiation.

It is very important to determine how supermarket shelves are arranged by different heights and different layouts.And we can also determine according to our preferences.