The function of the supermarket shelf(1)

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Different shelves have different characteristics. The high shelf has the characteristics of good installation, large bearing capacity and stability, and strong shelf utility.Shelf material adopts hot and cold steel plate.Corridor shelves are designed to store large quantities of similar pallets.Trays are stored one by one on the support rail according to the depth bias, which increases the storage density and improves the space utilization.Such shelves are often used in places where storage space is expensive, such as frozen stacks.Corridor rack has 4 basic components: frame, guide rail support, pallet guide and diagonal pull rod.This kind of shelf stack has high utilization rate , can realize the ancestor to come out first, or the ancestor to come out later.The minimum space available provides maximum storage.The forklift can drive directly into the cargo lane to store goods, which is very convenient for operation.


Configuration requirements for  shelf board: Characteristics of counterbalanced forklifts or shelf of stacking machines: applicable for storage with low inventory flow;Provides 20%-30% optionality;Used for stacks with low pickup rates.Ground utilization: 60%, higher (plan as described above).Beam shelf is the most popular, the most economical shelf, quiet and convenient, suitable for a variety of stack, direct access to goods.It is the simplest and most widely used shelf.Space can be used fully.Convenient tray access essentials , effective joint forklift loading and unloading, greatly improve the efficiency of operation.Board configuration requirements: counterbalance forklift or stacker.The stacking machine can increase the utilization rate of ground space by 30%, and the operating height is more than 16 meters. Beam shelf features: smooth inventory turnover, provide 100 % of the selection ability,increase the average pickup rate.