The function of the supermarket shelf(2)

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Beam type provides high quality product cover.Ground utilization rate: 31%, gravity shelf: compared with ordinary pallet shelf, it is unnecessary to operate the channel, so the space utilization rate increases by 60%.The operation of pallet shall follow the principle of predecessors' first delivery;Automatic storage rotation;Output is greatly incresed without the storage and picking measures , because the self-gravity makes the goods slide, and there is no operation channel, which eliminated the quantity of the transport path and the forklift.In the aisle of each shelf, there are certain slope of the guideway with a track. Under the action of gravity, the goods flow from the incoming terminal to outgoing terminal.Such stack, there is no channel between rows, greatly improved the utilization of stack area.However,  goods in the same row and on the same floor, which should be identical goods or goods that are both in and out of the warehouse at the same time.Adjustable height, with various models of forklift or stacker, can achieve a variety of tray access, the maximum load of the unit cargo compartment up to 5000kg, it is the most commonly used storage in all walks of life.


Loft shelves can be used in limited gardens of many varieties but few quantities , it can increase the utilization of the existing garden several times, can be used together with the lift operation.All combined layout, special light steel floor, low cost, fast construction.Based on the actual garden and necessary, mobile plan into two-storey, multi - storey to enrich the use of space.Cantilever shelves should be used for storage of long and irregular goods.The forward cantilever has a light layout, good load capacity, and can greatly improve stack utilization and efficiency when storing irregular or unusual lengths of material.After lengthen the shelf, especially when space is small and the storehouse with low height, it can be dealt with conveniently and the vision is broad, compare with ordinary shelf , utilization rate is higher.