The main and secondary shelves of supermarket shelves

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It is customary in the shelf industry that divide supermarket shelves into main shelves and sub-shelves.

General because modern shelves pillar can be shared, that is, two sets of shelves, they're connected to each other, so the first shelf, left and right sides need pillars and can be used independently, we call it main shelves which connects with the second shelf, installed directly on the pillar of the first shelf, only need one side pillar, we called it a secondary shelve.It can be seen that the main shelf has columns on both sides, while the secondary shelf has only one column.The main shelf can be used and moved separately, while the secondary shelf cannot be used or moved separately, it needs to be connected with other shelves of the same type.

Several shelves are put together into a row, each row only needs one main rack, the rest are secondary racks.If the site permits, the middle continuously opens, then the main and secondary shelves can be connected unlimitedly. Rows (groups)  can be divided according to the number of main shelves in a supermarket shelf .