Two layouts of supermarket shelves

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There are many layouts of the shelves in supermarkets. Different supermarkets use different  layouts of the shelves.The following two layouts are most common:

Grid layout of shelves

This is the traditional layout of the mall.It means that the supermarket shelves and customer shopping channels are arranged in a long square way, and the width of the main channel is the same as that of the secondary channel, and all the shelves are arranged in a parallel or right-angle way.

Its advantage : make full use of supermarket market space;

Because it is placed in different categories, customers can easily identify commodity categories and distribution characteristics, convenient shopping;

The conventional specifications of the shelf can meet the requirements, no need to customize, cost saving;

Facilitate the simplification of commodity management and security work.

Island layout

Shelves are arranged in separate islands, with shelves and goods placed in the middle of the islands.This layout is more suitable for stores and is mainly used for smaller items.

Its advantages :

Under smooth shopping channel, arrange more products according to  the characteristics of the store ;

Various shapes of islands  for decoration and beautification;

A certain brand makes island form , more outstanding .