Which operation mode do supermarket shelves choose?

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Operation mode is the plan, organization, implementation and control of the business process of an enterprise. It is the general term for all kinds of management work closely related to the production of supermarket shelves and service creation.In short, it is the method of business operation.

First introduce a common model, the supermarket shelf direct sales model.

Supermarket shelves belong to the production and manufacturing enterprises, with the ability to sell and operate directly to end users, which can simplify the intermediate circulation links and improve the efficiency of capital turnover.

In essence, the direct selling model of supermarket shelves is to eliminate the middlemen, reduce the circulation cost of supermarket shelves and meet the customer's maximized demand for benefits.

In short, direct selling mode is an operation mode in which manufacturers sell supermarket shelves directly to customers without middlemen, thus reducing the selling cost.In non-direct sales, there are two sales teams, that is, the manufacturer to the dealer, and then the dealer to the customer.In the middle of multi-level dealers , as well as warehousing, logistics and other costs, resulting in the final hands of consumers will be relatively high prices.