Widely application of beam shelf and storage area design elements

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Beam shelf: the most widely used shelf, complete specifications and models, wide bearing range , suitable for all kinds of warehouses, can make full use of space, choose forklift to access goods.

The beam and column are assembled by plug-in type, easy to install and discharge.It is equipped with safety pin, interlock, foot protector and other accessories to ensure safety and reliability.

The basic design elements of beam shelf and storage area:

1. Weight of goods (including pallets or material boxes)

2. Size of pallet and goods (width × depth × height )

3. Lift height of the forklift and net height available of the warehouse

4. The forklift model or parameters

5. Entering direction when forklift accesses goods

6. The size of the storage area

7. Direction and requirements of goods entering and leaving the warehouse

Other common shelf types

1. Automatic warehouse shelves (efficient automated warehouse which suitable for large-scale storage of goods)

2. Pallet shelf (1000kg-3000kg bearing, suitable for all walks of life warehouse logistics, pallet storage forklift operations)

3. Light shelves (10-100kg for clothing, electronics and industrial warehouses);  

4. Medium-weight shelves (150-300kg for workshops and warehouses with high requirements for medicine and electronics, etc.); 

5. Secondary heavy shelves (load bearing 500-1000kg is suitable for general industry, general machinery and other industrial warehouses to pick up goods manually); 

6. Cantilever shelf (suitable for storage of long and annular materials and long plate-shaped materials); 

7. Self-sliding shelf (suitable for flexible connection of production line, circulation operation and transmission line); 

8. Corridor shelves (Drive-in shelves, suitable for storing large quantities of single goods); 

9, attic shelves (suitable for light goods, manual access, large storage, save a lot of land resources for the company, mainly used for small goods and other customers warehouse.Such as automobile 4S stores, electronics, medicine, lamps ); 

10. Other types of shelves, including mobile shelves, narrow roadway shelves, pressure type, drawing type (mould frame) and other special types (the company can design and manufacture non-standard products according to customer requirements); 

11. Steel pallets, mesh frames, mesh sheets, mesh walls, storage cages, folding mesh frames, material boxes and other non-standard work station appliances; 

12. Logistics climbing truck, cart, logistics trolley, handling tool truck; 

13. Steel platform system, warehouse floor, working table and operating table; 

14. Stacking frame and plastic pallet material box;Plastic circulation box, plastic box, part box, part case, tool box; 

15,Enterprise warehouse partition planning network, isolation meshes, metal net wall.