What points should be considered when choosing shelves for logistics and warehousing?

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What is the load-bearing capacity of the warehouse, especially the warehouse built by the e-commerce industry? 

The floor load level of the warehouse itself needs to be obtained from the contractor. This parameter is very important. If the ground of your warehouse only bears 1 ton, and the shelves bear 5 tons, the ground will sink or deform, or even collapse, causing safety accidents. Don't just consider building high shelves to save space, but also consider the basic weight of the materials stored on the high shelves .

Easy loading and unloading layout and cargo passage

1. Rack handling equipment 

Whether there is stacking equipment on the shelf, if so, it is necessary to consider many factors such as the radius of gyration and width of the equipment. 

2. The form and storage time of storage materials 

There may be various materials with different storage times in the warehouse. It is necessary to consider the form and storage method of entering and leaving the warehouse in order to find a truly suitable storage shelf and achieve a higher space utilization rate. Such as drive-thru racks, adjustable pallet racks, rolling racks, mobile racks and general premium racks. If you choose this kind of shelf, you may need to put some loading and unloading equipment, such as narrow channel forklifts. 

3. Factory shelf layout

When building shelves, many companies only pay attention to the space utilization of the shelves, while ignoring the concept of logistics. Pay attention to the fluidity of the material after the construction of the shelf, because the dimensions of the shelf, load-bearing, loading and unloading equipment, etc. may vary depending on the layout.


If the capital investment is sufficient, some equipment with relatively high technical content can be considered. Automatic three-dimensional warehouse, forklift direct picking system, etc. Existing warehouse management systems need to be checked in advance to see if they can interface with these systems. If there is any problem, it needs to be developed separately, and the development cost will be included in the shelf construction plan.