Why are steel and wood shelves more and more widely used?

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Although supermarket shelves have been developed in China for many years, most of them have entered China from abroad. The foreign display gives the impression that the whole fashion elements are integrated. The whole store has a unique style and strong visual sense. Among them, there are many steel and wood shelves. credit brought. 

  1. Wood products give people a heavy feeling. Large-area frame tiles are difficult to replace materials. Plastic materials are too light and easy to deform. The cost of polymer materials is too high. Iron materials feel noisy and cold. The role of wood It is reflected here. 

  2. Wood products are easy to form and can be carved into various shapes, which is one of its advantages. 

  3. The secondary transformation cost of wood materials is low, and the punching operation is simple. 

  4. The frame used to reinforce the wooden frame is made of steel, which ensures that the structure of the steel-wood shelf is more stable and not easy to deform. 

The reason why steel and wood shelves are popular is because it is not simply steel product shelves or wood product shelves. Wood products are easier to make into other shapes, and they are stable and heavy, while steel products are stable and not easily deformed. The combination of steel and wood shelves makes the shelves more convenient. stable